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Since tourism is a service-based industry, it is a rather intangible item and more difficult to market than tangible goods. Carrying out adequate promotional campaigns aimed at a global audience or a specific segment of society, can boost the tourism industry with remarkable results.

White Dragon's role in this regard is to publicize tourism products and services, spread your brand image or the image of your company, differentiating it from those of the competition so that the recipient of the message can identify you.

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We leave here some quick access to some of our land films.



This land is simply paradise. Giant mountains entering the sea, enchanted cloud forests, surfing beaches, delicious food... it was a real madness to be able to go to Tenerife to film with the team.

In the South of Tenerife you can enjoy wonderful sandy beaches, with a very pleasant atmosphere and above all its good climate throughout the year, you can take beautiful walks through its streets full of atmosphere, where you can visit numerous shops, restaurants , and good night spots to have a good time, from day to night, it promises a fun vacation and when the last light of day arrives, enjoy beautiful sunsets over the sea.



Many people know Ibiza for its parties, but it really is one of the most wonderful islands in the entire world. It is a divine island, with people from all over the world, many restaurants, bars, with a splendid variety of food, hotels of all categories, meaning that everyone can discover this paradise.

We discovered a completely different Ibiza, it has beautiful beaches and coves, we were also able to enjoy an incredible sunset from the Savinar tower. We definitely had a beautiful and unforgettable trip, the videos we made were amazing and it is something we will never forget.



Known by many as "the silver cup" it is one of the most beautiful, welcoming cities with the best climate in all of Spain, discover it with us!

We believe it is one of the best places in Spain to watch a sunset, in the various beach bars that there are with adequate music, the golden and fine sand of the beach and small waves on the shore, what more could you ask for?


punta de la banya

Near our beloved Tarragona, we find a corner of land between the Mediterranean Sea.

Punta de la Banya is a small peninsula formed at the southern end of the Ebro Delta. It extends in front of the coast of Sant Carles de la Ràpita and is linked to the Ebro Delta through the Trabucador isthmus (a long barrier of sand 4 km, and 100 to 200 meters wide). All this set delimits the maritime space known as Bahía dels Alfacs and, at the same time, constitutes the largest natural port in Europe.

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