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The only goal that white dragon cannot achieve for you is your health, play sports

Sports at the corporate level

One of the toughest disciplines of all, which requires enormous physical and mental effort. Years of training to play everything in minutes. Thanks to us you will have the memory of all your performance and the preparation of each championship, wherever it is.

We have a long history in the world of bodybuilding, having done projects at a national and international level, covering everything that is asked of us. The most important day in the career of a bodybuilder has to be recorded not only for the memory but also to be able to improve seeing how we have acted.


Thanks to sport we improve, we have fun, we are healthier… Sport has so many good things that are unmentionable. Companies want to get the most out of people and that is where we come in. Thanks to our content they will be able to attract the attention of more and more people so that they go to their gyms or competitions.

We have a great sports course and all kinds of material to be able to get performance from all sports categories. Whether in closed spaces such as pavilions or outdoors for races or other sporting events, we can move anywhere.


Take a look at some of the different projects in which white dragon has contributed its services to provide high-quality ads, with the possibility of being adapted to any space or platform.

We leave here some quick access to some of our more recent services.


team xp

This team is a true family. We recorded this promotional ad for them that allowed us to get to know them in depth and enjoy a wonderful day with them. If you have a bodybuilding team or are a competitor, contact us so we can help you reach the next level!

Kayaks company


Nationally recognized company in the world of kayaks, one of the most recognized maritime items sales companies. They hired us to make a complete video of a competition that we recorded thanks to our drones with incredible plans. Whether by sea, land or air, we can help you.

sailing boat competition team

atv team

Women's sailing team that competes at the national level in various competitions. We love the sea and even more to improve ourselves day by day, so we have gone with them to various events to record them in action and that it remains in the memory. Videos both with drones and on top of the boat, we don't like to challenge ourselves and even more so to overcome them.